About Us

Welcome to Majestic Restaurant

Africa is a land of contrasts that is home to a huge variety of different cuisines. There are many exotic dishes (Melon seeds) with Spinach, Okro, Jollof Rice, King Prawn and Spinach, Black-eye Beans with Fried Plantain and Peanut Soup, to mention but a few.

In fact, most of the food, if not all, are significantly nourishing and have been scientifically proven to be of importance to the body and soul.

At Majestic Restaurant, the belief has always been to bring some of the many exotic African dishes to the western world. Some of these dishes, like our service today, will be a wonderful source of refreshment, nourishment and pleasure that will make your visit an enjoyable occasion.

Who We Are

At Majestic Restaurant, we play host to important people, celebrities and key players in the community. We pride ourselves in offering the best in African hospitality. This is why all the big names are to be found in our clientele. Visit our photo gallery to view some pictures of our most recent guests.