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Juwon Ogungbe Trio to debut at Majestic Jazz Forum

Singer-pianist Juwon Ogungbe is returning to performing with a band, after a long break. In the interim, Juwon composed music for theatre shows (including Off Broadway and Royal Shakespeare Company productions), sang in operas (for the Aldeburgh Festival, amongst others) and led large scale community music projects (for the British Council, National Museums, Orchestras and Opera companies amongst others).

Now, however, he has decided to return to his first love – singing and playing keyboards at the helm of a band, with a view towards making records in the near future.

In the new act, the Juwon Ogungbe Trio will present new songs that blend influences from Highlife, Jazz, Pop and Reggae that will showcase his rich baritone voice, telling tales of love, loss, longing and celebrating UK African heritage. The band will also perform material from Juwon’s extensive back catalogue of songs that were first performed in residencies at the Jazz Café in London’s Newington Green, and later in Camden Town… in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The Juwon Ogungbe Trio comprises of Juwon on vocals and keyboards, Stephen Liburd on bass and Euston Liburd on drums, revisiting a strong group dynamic that first performed as a unit in the 1980s.

The Liburd Brothers have worked with a wide range of acts in Pop, Rock and African music. Either together or as individuals, they have performed locally and internationally with artists such as Coolio, Bheki Mseleku, Abdul Tee Jay’s Rokoto, Nitin Sawhney and UK Black rock groups, such as Sister Rosa and Scrap Iron Scientists.


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